Top 10 Animated Movies of 2016

Top 10

Top 10 Animated Movies of 2016

I know, I know what you are thinking….

“With so many things going on in the world, people still find time to make another post on top 10” ?


The year of 2016 has been a year for animations, we have seen many incredible stories gaining life with immersive techniques that are yet to reach its full capabilities, that we need to celebrate.

I have chosen a top 10 feature length animations of 2016 that has made an impact on the viewer, and has given the audience something to take home.

The Secret Life of Pets

What is happening inside the head of our lovely pets? Most animals have all five sense, and some of them are more accurate than ours, but do animals have a conscious of their own? Or they act by purely survival instinct? The Secret Life of Pets explore this idea from a funny and interesting perspective.

When we go out the house and leave our pets at home, we imagine they are safe and bored, probably starring at the TV watching some animal planet. However the Directors Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney show us a world where pets, are fully aware of their surroundings and are doing more than just seating and waiting while you are outside doing the groceries. This movie is worth watching as it will give you a different point of view of how animals might see our world.


Imagine  a world where different animals live in harmony with one another, it feels like nothing could go wrong right? Now try to picture a bunch of animals waking up early, brushing their teeth, and going to work as a regular human being. Does it sound like you are tripping?  

This movie will blow your mind away. I mean, what could happen on a place where different species of animals are collaborating together?  Directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush Zootopia explores the life of Judy Hopps (voice by Ginnifer Goodwin)

The story follows a very optmistic and confident bunny who leaves the country side to find a better life in the metropolis, town of  Zootopia. However, everyone knows that living in a big city is not always the America Dream people promise, and this adventure and will lead to trouble, but an exciting one, where Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman) will help Hopps  find a way out.

Sausage Party

 Who would not like to live inside a shopping mall? Sleep late, run around on your under pants, play video games until late, it all sounds very nice right? but, if you were a package of sausage I think you would reconsider your answer.

Sausage Party will blow you out the package!

It all starts with a great intense mood of discovery where everyone is happy and curious to find out what is the great beyond, been picked up from the shelf generates euphoria on everyone. The food products are living for this day, thinking it will be the greatest moment of their lifes.  Living in oblivion, the characters are waiting restless for the moment where they will enter the great beyond, however things goes from happy to scary when the truth is revealed about the great beyond.

Kubo and the Two Strings

What a great stop motion animation, it is probably be the best of 2016! Coming from the same studios that created : Coraline, Paranorman and The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings follows the journey of a a young boy named Kubo to retrieve few specific objects that can help him solve the problems of his past.
 The hand craft characters give the animation a very distinct look, and the use of special effects in collaboration with he scenes uplift the story to whole other level. This movie gives a message that is important to explore our imagination and see things beyond what they might look. If you want to enjoy an incredible adventure with luxurious visuals, this is the movie for you.


Real talent from real life. Love music? Love animation? The movie Sing is for you. Following the story of a koala named a Buster (voiced by : Matthew McConaughey) recruits his best friend to help him draw up business to his theater by hosting a singing competition. 
The animation has a pastel look to it, and it tells a contemporary story that we can reflect into today’s reality The movie runs in a format similar to X Factor, it presents the characters and their story as they get ready to go to the competition that will change their files forever.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3, Should I say more? Jack Black and Angelina Jolie coming together to create one great movie! If you are familiar with the prequels, expect nothing less from this movie,  Po (voiced by Jack Black) will discover things he have been dreaming all his life.
On this movie we learn a little about the history of Po and the story takes of when his father comes to visit and asks him to join the other Pandas in the village. This movie will keep you laughing constantly, and give you a good dose of animated action.

Finding Dory

What a great and refreshing movie, please let me know if anyone else feels thirst after watching this movie. There is something about this franchise (Finding Nemo, 2003) that allows a person to relax and enjoy the story.
This could be the perfect summer movie to watch when away on a holiday by the beach.  Been taken away from your family can be traumatizing, even for a fish. Finding Dory shows that even the smaller of the creatures have feelings.
Once again another fantastic animation from Dreamworks who delivers with a great visual style, the sense of being in the depths of the sea, as we accompanied Dory on her journey home.


The creators of Shrek invite you to a musical adventure. And let me tell you, what thrill! This is family fun, for everyone ! If you imagine what would imagine an explosion of rainbow fruits inside a blender you might be able to have a feeling of what this movie will make you go through.
Starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in animated story gains life with the power of music. This movie is all about happiness and transforming the worse situations we encounter into the  best chances to make something incredible with our lifes.
If you watch this movie during in the morning hours it  will give you a sugar rush that you will not even need a coffee to go to  wake you up.


Which one is your favorite Disney princess? White Snow? Rapunzel? Ariel ? Cinderella? You might have to add another one to your list, Moana turns out being one of the best CG animated movies by Disney so far.
The story is engaging and lovely, Moana teaches that you should follow your intuition and regardless of what other people might be thinking you should strive for what you believe is right. This is a movie to uplift your spirit and shake you into a better version of yourself.

Phantom Boy

What is the difference between what is real? for what is not real? I guess it can be a matter of belief. I say this statement by the numerous ideas that are born in our heads before they take form in the material world.
Phantom Boy is an exciting adventure of a kid name Alex (voiced by Edouard Baer) with extraordinary power, who goes on a mission to save New York, If you have heard of out of body experience or had one yourself, (let me know in the comments below) you will find this animation to be quite interesting. The animation feels soft and innocent, similar to (looney toons) the ones that used to run in the mornings of Sunday. Phantom Boy is not your typical hero’s journey, on this movie you will discover things you probable never thought about in your life.

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