Logan & The Invisible VFX


Hugh Jackman looks freaking violent in the movie Logan, oh my gosh, there is blood everywhere!!  I don’t remember the other X-Men films been this violent, not that is a bad thing, in fact, I could actually hear by heart racing at some of the fighting scenes.


Digital Logan

I did not know that Hugh Jackman (Logan)  and  Dafne Keen (Laura) were both replaced using digital doubles, they were both replaced in a total of 299 shots mainly full digital head replacements, the Production VFX Supervisor Chas Jarrett revealed.



3D CGI model of Hugh Jackman.


The Visual Effects company Image Engine has produced a spectacular job producing effects that blend with real footage seamless, most of the visual effects were an invisible head, face or body replacements to allow for the film’s complex stunts and hardcore action.



Mr Mangold guiding Hugh Jackman.


“There was a lot of complex stunt work done…full contact work, when we were on set the stunt team were fully hitting each other,” explains Culpitt. In addition to this, in many of these scenes, there was a lot of crew replacement/adding and of course blood etc from the fights. “We did a lot of CG blood, CG gore and, of course, enhancing wounds (and practical makeup),” explains Culpitt.

There were four stunt actors, with two primary stuntmen Eddie Davenport and Daniel Stevens playing Wolverine/Logan/X24. While one might think that since every stunt double is being replaced with the Logan character, there is only one Logan head. But in reality that was not the case. “We had to build a lot of versions, as the proportions have to match the stunt actor,” Culpitt explains.



We can see the fear from the camera man on this picture.


It must be quite frustrating for an actor to know that your head will be replaced with of someone else. Not literally of course!  I mean I don’t want to go off topic but recently there has been scheduled the first head transplant by an Italian Neurosurgeon.


Anyways, we better stick to CGI. The involvement of actors just show how much work is necessary to produce such an amazing piece of film, the invisible technicians, and actors are essential to give life to our imagination, even though they will never get the credit they deserve.


Most readers may now be familiar with the process of scanning an actor like Hugh Jackman. Most high-end digital humans use a similar path, which is along the lines of a USC ICT Lightstage scan to get the skin reflectance properties, a FACS expression rig is built, and then this is hand animated or motion capture driven. While this is impressive technology, fxguide has covered this part of the pipeline extensively in many recent stories.

What is not so well known is how that digital head replacement works in terms of the stunt doubles. It is normally skipped over how the team combines this digital double with the live action photography and yet this part of the process is vital to selling a digital head replacement of Logan.



How uncanny is this, add movement and differences become invisible.


Entire CG bodies of the actors have been produced for the film, to help in some of the tricks shots request by the Director James Mangold.



This movie is going to make you want to go for it, after watching it if you do not feel like going out and pump the adrenaline out you should probably ask for your ticket back.


The VFX are made by:

Image Engine
Rising Sun Pictures
Soho VFX

The Production VFX Supervisor is : 

Chas Jarrett



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