3D Character Design – Kangspion


When I started working on this project, it was near Halloween, and because of that, I decided to produce a horror character that would fuse two different creatures together making a new specie of animal.
I always start work on paper first, I like to get a feeling of what shape and form the character can take before jump into the computer. After a brainstorm session deciding which animals could be interesting to combine together, I have decided to produce a kangaroo and a scorpion together, I name this specimen Kangspion. Both animals are strong and they have a similar appearance so I thought of making a hybrid version of them.

After a few sketches and variations and deciding on what shape the Kangspion would look like, I went to ZBrush and have made the initial mesh. Using Dynamesh I have modeled the overall shape of the character, I then ZRemeshed and U/V Master the character before sculpting the details.

After the character was finalized, I brought it to Cinema 4D where I have rigged the bones and weighted the joints to make it ready for animation. I wanted to make an idle, walk, attack, idle cycle.

After the animation was ready I have added lights, and atmosphere to bring the horror elements of the character into a more realistic scenario.


Softwares Used:


Initial Sketches:

Work in Progress:

Beauty Shots:



Animation Sequence:


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