Advertising Video – Bananas Preciosas


Birmingham City University




On this project I was to create a brand to compete in a global fruit market, my objective was to create a Brand that would educate the population about the banana industry while showing the benefits of why paying a higher price on bananas would be beneficial not only for the growers but also to the consumer and the future of our planet.

These are some of the logos which I have made but did not make into the final design.


Banana growers live on a very poor environment in Equator, some have never been into a school, and the only life they know is the one around the banana farms.

Bananas need to be treated regularly and training is the key, the extensive misuses of pesticide all over the world affect us daily. With your help we can give the growers a better life and for you a better product.

Bananas Preciossas care for their growers and their customers.


On a mission to educate the population about the banana industry. Bananas Preciossas is looking to inform customers about the secrets of the banana trade Industry in exchange to pay a higher price for the banana. This money would be invested supervising and training the banana growers, with aiming to create a better work environment and greater product for you.








A poster that would be placed in schools, libraries, with the intention to give the Preciossa Brand visibility to the world and making the customers aware where it stands in the market.







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