Cacti Energy Drink – Advertising Video



Birmingham City University




This is a self-started project which my intention was to create an energy drink different than any other out in the market. I decided to create a cactus energy drink, as it is a powerful desert plant capable of surviving the most extreme weather conditions.

I wanted the bottle to have a friendly look, to attract young audiences and athletes so I create a mascot to represent the vibrant powers of cactus and it’s natural energy.

Ai Ai Ai~~Cacti!!!

The idea for the cactus energy drink, came on a hot day in Birmingham when I was walking home and found a dried branch near an empty soda bottle, this vision gave me an impression that the dead branches were trying to reach for the bottle so it could revitalize itself, I was then inspired to create a natural energy drink consisting of a unique flavor.

The illustration for the bottle was sketched on paper then vectorized on Illustrator and mocked up on a 3D bottle on Cinema 4d, where I used to create the 15 seconds video advertising.



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