Design for Exhibition – World Cup 2014



Birmingham City University




This is a student project which I was working together with a group to create an event that would take place inside our University. We thought about creating a pop up stand  alone shop, that would contain information about the World Cup 2014.

We  decided to make a pocket magazine that would have information about the schedule of the matches and some nuggets of information  about Brazil.

During this time I was also very interested in Augmented Reality, so I had decided to promote myself in making an interactive map where you could take a 360 look at the 12 stadiums of the world cup.


The audience for this event would be the students itself, and the staff of the University, football fans, and technology enthusiastic.

We had big ideas for an installation and we wanted to make very bright and vivid as World Cup should be.

 We knew that most of people are watching football during the World Cup season and we would use that as our advantage point to make a remarkable exhibition.

I wanted to give something that the people that were visiting the exhibition could take home with and learn about the World Cup in Brazil. My idea was to produce a pocket magazine that had information about the games, and the geolocation of where the stadiums were being build.

Another design piece I have produced for the exhibition was the a 3D model of one of the  World Cup stadiums of Brazil, so the visitors after scan the bar code and take a 360 look at the World Cup stadiums of Brazil. 


Junaio was the technology used to scan and read the data from the map.

The way it works is after creating  a 3D model to be used,  it is possible to track a surface with a software called Toolbox, which will generate floating points to be used as reference and guide for your 3D model.

 In order to link everything to work together,  all you have to do is send your model to a Junaio server, where your models will be hosted and a bar code for public access will be created.


The football stadium in the video was used in the World Cup Exhibition booklet, as a 3D Augmented asset in conjunction with Junaio software to give a 360 look around one of the stadiums of Brazil.




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