Marco’s Chronicles – Magazine Design



Online Magazine:


Hotel Indigo – Marco Pierre White Restaurant




On this project I worked creating a newspaper that would be distributed to the staff of the Indigo Hotel and Marco Pierre White Restaurant, this would serve to inform the staff of new items on the menu, events on the area, what is happening inside the enterprise, as well as giving employees a guide on their benefits for working for IHG Hospitality.
To help empower the Marco Pierre White Brand, I choose to go for a Black & White style layout, where the bold colours and fine lines would match the service and style of the restaurant.
I designed the logo, layout and made the newspaper ready to print.



The audience for this project were the employees of the restaurant and the customers who came to visit the hotel. The newspaper would clear the name of Marco Pierre who had at the time received a rating of zero for hygiene.

Marco’s Cronicles would also serve as a linking between staff and customers, giving them information and something in common to talk about. The magazine also serve as a platform where staff was free to share their own ideas, making a bridge between the enterprise and the hotel staff.












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