Santa Monica Dreaming Branding



Santa Monica Dreaming




On this project I was asked to design the logo mark and the Brand of a hand-crafted clothing line, Santa Monica Dreaming. The idea was to use the heritage of the owner to create an unique approach to her clothing line.


The audience of the Brand are women who are looking to find clothes and accessories that would give both protection and luxury during their adventures. Santa Monica Dreaming is looking to merge the luxurious with the adventurous.

These are the logos which I have thought represented the owner the best,  one is light and friendly made to represent the handcraft passion the owner had in creating her clothes. The second was a play with the letters of the name “Santa Monica Dreaming”  in Dream and reality, therefore I thought about reflecting the letters against each other to give a sense of surrealism.



sidea_black sideb_blacksidea_white  sideb_white


Perfume bottle

Perfume bottle prototype – designed in Cinema 4D

Perfume bottle package - designed by Cinema 4D

Perfume bottle package – designed by Cinema 4D







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